Presentation week.

We have almost reached the end of the second academic month of the course. This is going to be the most important week thus far, We will be giving our presentation that we have been preparing for since the last 2 weeks. The presentation as I have mentioned on my previous blog, Is based on the research my team and I have done for our chosen company which is, Fitness First.

It’s the morning of the presentation and we will be giving our presentations along with the students from the fashion marketing MBA course. So the number of people we will be presenting to has increased significantly. The presentation was to be assessed in a peer marking format, where other students will mark us based on our individual presentation skills and how we work as a team. This marking method was completely anonymous and we didn’t find who it was that marked us. I approve of this method as it maintains fairness and the results are completely based on our performance in the presentation. The fashion  students had a completely different format for making their presentations and this was very helpful as we were able to learn a lot of different methods we could apply to our presentation. Once the fashion students were done with their presentations, It was our turn to give our presentation. I would say my groups presentation went very well overall and we performed in a very efficient manner. This was reflected on our feedback forms as well, we did very well as a group, although there is always scope for improvement. There wasn’t much else to this week.


The big presentation and my first trip.

OH YEAH! I’am so excited for this week. It will be my first visit to another city within the UK and the city that I’ll be visiting is Nottingham. So I have been invited by my friends to come visit Nottingham over the weekend and they are are going to show me around. Compared London, Nottingham is quite small and very quaint, It has this very relaxed aura going about the whole town/city. When you compare this to the hustle and bustle of London and all the people moving about quickly being all busy and always in a hurry, You’ll notice that people here aren’t in a hurry at all, Could be because of the size of the city or the very relaxed attitude of the entire community. Also there is another thing most people coming from big cities might not notice immediately, How quiet it is here compared to London, you feel so at ease immediately, But then again I enjoy the hustle and bustle and quick pace in London.

This week we have to prepare for our upcoming presentation next week, which is based on the company chosen by my team, which was Fitness First and how they use the various channels of distribution available to them. We have found through are research using questionnaires how they have not used Snapchat, which is a popular social media app, for marketing purposes, we have prepared a report on how they can use this app to reach out to more consumers.

So this whole week was preparing for the upcoming presentation and the trip to Nottingham.

An important lesson learned.

Its the beginning of a new academic month, feels like a fresh start almost. This week I have really looking forward to as I have been expecting some new found friends who are coming down all the way from Nottingham. For the first time in a month I am going to be playing the role of a tour guide, How far we’ve come from being the lost tourist in a big and booming metropolis, that is London, to now showing new friends all around this amazing city, I’ll have to say that all that going out every evening just by myself and my phone has given me so much confidence in myself and my capabilities, putting in time and effort into something actually pays off, a lesson learnt though application.

This week we had another team activity and we also learnt how to do citations and referencing for our various projects and assignments. This is a core concept that all students must understand and learn how to apply appropriately, as it is a very important part of making reports and presentations. Proper referencing and citations show that the writer or creator of the presentation has used actual and valid sources and has not been plagiarised. Most companies have very strict policies against plagiarism and cheating and any employee who commits an act of plagiarism, Is either given a warning or fired. So this weeks activities and coursework were a very  important, as they as very important for our projects and in real-life.

First month down …

Its been almost a month now, Since I arrived to London, I am feeling great here now. My weekly routine has now become quite busy and I have started to make a timetable now, as there are so many things to do, this helps me stay organised and make sure that I have all my projects and assignments, finished and submitted on time. I have also started to now go through all my module notes from week 1 until now, I have started to revise and recollect all the content we have gone through in lectures and classes so far.

So our assignment or task for this week was to see how we work in a team and assess what role each person in the group plays. We also learned how to assess the capabilities and strengths & weaknesses of each of our teammates and them assign a role to them in the group. This activity was the most interesting activity in class thus far, It helped me understand my role in the group and how I can help my group better through my new found understanding on my own capabilities and skills. I can now apply my skills better in a situation to get the maximum output and reach the desired goal.

I would like to say that this week was extremely productive and helped me understand my own personality and those around me. Also through skills I learned this week, I was able to make some very useful business at a party.

A routine, established.

Its now week 3, I have started to get a hold of things now, what goes where, how to do this and that, Getting a general understanding of my surrounding. The most fun part of my day being going outside, alone just with my phone and exploring my neighbourhood, everyday I find something new and interesting, I’ve found quaint little parks, gyms and some really nice Korean restaurants. I feel really lucky to live in the borough of Hackney, its like a city within a city, but with an identity of its own, such a beautiful place.

Our assignment for this week was to design our questionnaire and collect data regarding the same. The company we chose for this project was Fitness First, It a fitness company that also has a line of its own gym. As we were supposed to create a thirty second advert for this project we had to go get a complimentary session at the gym, where me and all my team mates went to film our advert and some of us also got ourselves a good workout out, which I thought was good use of the complimentary session. We were also able to get some valuable insights into the workings of the company with specific focus on how they marketed themselves and using what channels of marketing. We wanted them extend their focus on Snapchat to help them market themselves more efficiently.

All in all, I would say, It was a very productive week.


The Journey gets interesting ….

clock-new-300x225Its been a few weeks since my arrival to the United Kingdom, I’am finally learning my whereabouts of this great city we all know as London, which is my home for the next year. You have to learn fast in this city, learn to do things on time, the right way and in the right   manner or else the city will chew you up and spit you out like your nothing. I am finally beginning to establish my daily routine, beginning with a full body workout at the gym to wake my body up, most people would drink coffee, but I feel thats just wrong, I have never had tea or coffee in my entire lifetime and probably never will, just want to stay away from every bad habit as much as as possible, after a workout, I walk back to my room which is 5 minutes from the gym that I go to, Get a nice hot refreshing shower and then some delicious breakfast to re-fuel my body.

All said and done, I still haven’t become as efficient as I should be at time management, There is a concept used in business called JIT or Just-In-Time, Its a production procedure used in the manufacturing industry, I feel like that applies to me, I always manage to do everything and be everywhere I need to be, just in time, I have mentioned that in my skills audit and given it the highest priority, we shall improve, hopefully. In this last week I also learnt how to write a Literature review, as this was my first time doing this, It was slightly confusing for me in the beginning, But I was able to catch up quickly an die done with it. I like such assignments where we actually have to take the time to  read and analyse these articles.

I enjoyed my last week here in London and at the university and hopefully the coming weeks and months will be just as exciting, If not more.

An Year in London and CULC.

I live a life of constant self-examination. Consideration of the hallucinating fragility of life has taught me to question everything about myself.

-Enzo Ferrari


The moment you feel that first cold breeze, when you exit the airport with your bags, You take your first breath of true freedom, you are finally an individual who is responsible for their each and every action. It was a long drive from the airport to my accommodation, gives you time to take in everything that you’ve been working so hard to get to for the last 6 months.

Finally I arrive at my accommodation drop my bags in my new home for the next year, pull put my to do list and it has begun. You realise that your life is now moving at a tremendous pace, you a do not even realise that the weekend has passed and its first day at the university, new friends, new teachers, everything is new, But its exciting. I had been waiting for this to arrive, attended my first lecture, It went really well, an introduction to the the University and the course. The first week went by quickly and I must say, their is so much going on at the University and in this city, that it can be slightly overwhelming at times, But you learn, how to get along with these new people in this new place, Yes, you will make a lot of mistakes, But there is no other better way to learn things on your own and trust all that looks easy once you give the Tube map a look. It has to be one of the most complicated maps I’ve ever seen, almost like those Trigonometry differentiation problems in high school, But thank goodness for Apps.

But so far, Its been fun, met a lot of interesting people, made some really good friends and had a lot of fun, all in all, a very good beginning to this year-long journey.