Term 1 comes to an end.

We have finally reached the last week of the first term, everyone is busy doing their assignments and collecting data for them. Most people are rushing back and forth from their tutors to the library to show the drafts that they have prepared. We have three assignments in total to submit by the first week of April, which is only a few days away. In APS we have a submit a complete portfolio, includes our VAK test results, PDP, Screen shots of our blog and other things, In Strategy and Marketing we have to submit our reports for coursework 2. Also this week in class we learned how to do career planning, this is done by analysing our skills and abilities to help us pick the most suitable career we would be good at.

This week saw me mostly doing my assignments, so that I had enough time to collect my data and analyse it, so that I can combine it with my report and present my findings and recommendations. The other crucial part of the report that most people forget to take into account when planning a timetable for doing their assignment is, the amount of time it takes to edit your report, Since we have to follow a very particular format for our reports, editing the report takes up a lot of time during the preparation of the report. So the whole week went by just preparing the reports and portfolio and mostly lazying about.


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