Learning about planning & organising.

We’ve nearly reached the end of the first term and are mostly done with all the modules that were to be taught to us in this first term. Some of the most important topics,such as learning how to plan and organise all of work, which includes all our daily chores as well as the academic work we do at University. By learning this we are able to manage our time more efficiently which has a direct impact on all the work we produce, it also helps improve the quality of the work produced, the content and the format in which it has been presented. This was a very important topic to learn as it has a significant impact on our daily life and everything that we do on a day to day basis.

As for the things I did out of the class this week, includes going to visit a long time friend in Brighton, which is a beautiful city I might add. He then showed me around the city, which is beautiful, we visited the pier, went to the beach, which is a very unique beach and is made up of black pebbles and other smooth stones and does not have sand like most beaches. We then went and had some lunch at Nando’s, which is one of my favourite food chains. Later we spent the night at his place just playing pool and watching some movies on Netflix, the remainder of my time there I just used to relax and catch up with him, all in all it was a very good weekend.


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