Presentation week.

We have almost reached the end of the second academic month of the course. This is going to be the most important week thus far, We will be giving our presentation that we have been preparing for since the last 2 weeks. The presentation as I have mentioned on my previous blog, Is based on the research my team and I have done for our chosen company which is, Fitness First.

It’s the morning of the presentation and we will be giving our presentations along with the students from the fashion marketing MBA course. So the number of people we will be presenting to has increased significantly. The presentation was to be assessed in a peer marking format, where other students will mark us based on our individual presentation skills and how we work as a team. This marking method was completely anonymous and we didn’t find who it was that marked us. I approve of this method as it maintains fairness and the results are completely based on our performance in the presentation. The fashion  students had a completely different format for making their presentations and this was very helpful as we were able to learn a lot of different methods we could apply to our presentation. Once the fashion students were done with their presentations, It was our turn to give our presentation. I would say my groups presentation went very well overall and we performed in a very efficient manner. This was reflected on our feedback forms as well, we did very well as a group, although there is always scope for improvement. There wasn’t much else to this week.


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