The big presentation and my first trip.

OH YEAH! I’am so excited for this week. It will be my first visit to another city within the UK and the city that I’ll be visiting is Nottingham. So I have been invited by my friends to come visit Nottingham over the weekend and they are are going to show me around. Compared London, Nottingham is quite small and very quaint, It has this very relaxed aura going about the whole town/city. When you compare this to the hustle and bustle of London and all the people moving about quickly being all busy and always in a hurry, You’ll notice that people here aren’t in a hurry at all, Could be because of the size of the city or the very relaxed attitude of the entire community. Also there is another thing most people coming from big cities might not notice immediately, How quiet it is here compared to London, you feel so at ease immediately, But then again I enjoy the hustle and bustle and quick pace in London.

This week we have to prepare for our upcoming presentation next week, which is based on the company chosen by my team, which was Fitness First and how they use the various channels of distribution available to them. We have found through are research using questionnaires how they have not used Snapchat, which is a popular social media app, for marketing purposes, we have prepared a report on how they can use this app to reach out to more consumers.

So this whole week was preparing for the upcoming presentation and the trip to Nottingham.


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