First month down …

Its been almost a month now, Since I arrived to London, I am feeling great here now. My weekly routine has now become quite busy and I have started to make a timetable now, as there are so many things to do, this helps me stay organised and make sure that I have all my projects and assignments, finished and submitted on time. I have also started to now go through all my module notes from week 1 until now, I have started to revise and recollect all the content we have gone through in lectures and classes so far.

So our assignment or task for this week was to see how we work in a team and assess what role each person in the group plays. We also learned how to assess the capabilities and strengths & weaknesses of each of our teammates and them assign a role to them in the group. This activity was the most interesting activity in class thus far, It helped me understand my role in the group and how I can help my group better through my new found understanding on my own capabilities and skills. I can now apply my skills better in a situation to get the maximum output and reach the desired goal.

I would like to say that this week was extremely productive and helped me understand my own personality and those around me. Also through skills I learned this week, I was able to make some very useful business at a party.


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