An important lesson learned.

Its the beginning of a new academic month, feels like a fresh start almost. This week I have really looking forward to as I have been expecting some new found friends who are coming down all the way from Nottingham. For the first time in a month I am going to be playing the role of a tour guide, How far we’ve come from being the lost tourist in a big and booming metropolis, that is London, to now showing new friends all around this amazing city, I’ll have to say that all that going out every evening just by myself and my phone has given me so much confidence in myself and my capabilities, putting in time and effort into something actually pays off, a lesson learnt though application.

This week we had another team activity and we also learnt how to do citations and referencing for our various projects and assignments. This is a core concept that all students must understand and learn how to apply appropriately, as it is a very important part of making reports and presentations. Proper referencing and citations show that the writer or creator of the presentation has used actual and valid sources and has not been plagiarised. Most companies have very strict policies against plagiarism and cheating and any employee who commits an act of plagiarism, Is either given a warning or fired. So this weeks activities and coursework were a very  important, as they as very important for our projects and in real-life.


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