A routine, established.

Its now week 3, I have started to get a hold of things now, what goes where, how to do this and that, Getting a general understanding of my surrounding. The most fun part of my day being going outside, alone just with my phone and exploring my neighbourhood, everyday I find something new and interesting, I’ve found quaint little parks, gyms and some really nice Korean restaurants. I feel really lucky to live in the borough of Hackney, its like a city within a city, but with an identity of its own, such a beautiful place.

Our assignment for this week was to design our questionnaire and collect data regarding the same. The company we chose for this project was Fitness First, It a fitness company that also has a line of its own gym. As we were supposed to create a thirty second advert for this project we had to go get a complimentary session at the gym, where me and all my team mates went to film our advert and some of us also got ourselves a good workout out, which I thought was good use of the complimentary session. We were also able to get some valuable insights into the workings of the company with specific focus on how they marketed themselves and using what channels of marketing. We wanted them extend their focus on Snapchat to help them market themselves more efficiently.

All in all, I would say, It was a very productive week.



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