The Journey gets interesting ….

clock-new-300x225Its been a few weeks since my arrival to the United Kingdom, I’am finally learning my whereabouts of this great city we all know as London, which is my home for the next year. You have to learn fast in this city, learn to do things on time, the right way and in the right   manner or else the city will chew you up and spit you out like your nothing. I am finally beginning to establish my daily routine, beginning with a full body workout at the gym to wake my body up, most people would drink coffee, but I feel thats just wrong, I have never had tea or coffee in my entire lifetime and probably never will, just want to stay away from every bad habit as much as as possible, after a workout, I walk back to my room which is 5 minutes from the gym that I go to, Get a nice hot refreshing shower and then some delicious breakfast to re-fuel my body.

All said and done, I still haven’t become as efficient as I should be at time management, There is a concept used in business called JIT or Just-In-Time, Its a production procedure used in the manufacturing industry, I feel like that applies to me, I always manage to do everything and be everywhere I need to be, just in time, I have mentioned that in my skills audit and given it the highest priority, we shall improve, hopefully. In this last week I also learnt how to write a Literature review, as this was my first time doing this, It was slightly confusing for me in the beginning, But I was able to catch up quickly an die done with it. I like such assignments where we actually have to take the time to  read and analyse these articles.

I enjoyed my last week here in London and at the university and hopefully the coming weeks and months will be just as exciting, If not more.


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