An Year in London and CULC.

I live a life of constant self-examination. Consideration of the hallucinating fragility of life has taught me to question everything about myself.

-Enzo Ferrari


The moment you feel that first cold breeze, when you exit the airport with your bags, You take your first breath of true freedom, you are finally an individual who is responsible for their each and every action. It was a long drive from the airport to my accommodation, gives you time to take in everything that you’ve been working so hard to get to for the last 6 months.

Finally I arrive at my accommodation drop my bags in my new home for the next year, pull put my to do list and it has begun. You realise that your life is now moving at a tremendous pace, you a do not even realise that the weekend has passed and its first day at the university, new friends, new teachers, everything is new, But its exciting. I had been waiting for this to arrive, attended my first lecture, It went really well, an introduction to the the University and the course. The first week went by quickly and I must say, their is so much going on at the University and in this city, that it can be slightly overwhelming at times, But you learn, how to get along with these new people in this new place, Yes, you will make a lot of mistakes, But there is no other better way to learn things on your own and trust all that looks easy once you give the Tube map a look. It has to be one of the most complicated maps I’ve ever seen, almost like those Trigonometry differentiation problems in high school, But thank goodness for Apps.

But so far, Its been fun, met a lot of interesting people, made some really good friends and had a lot of fun, all in all, a very good beginning to this year-long journey.


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